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Hello I'm Kristin Wooten and this is my site about dream catchers. I'm going to take you into the world of this Native American tradition and teach you about its history, about how I got started into it, and show you several dream catchers that I myself have made.


History of Dream Catchers

     The dream catcher is a Native American tradition that has been around for many years. The legend is that the dream catcher is hung above the head of the person sleeping and while they are sleeping the webbing would catch the bad dreams that are floating in the air while the good dreams would slide down to the person sleeping below.

     Both the Lakota and Ojibwa tribes viewed the dreamcatcher as a very special and sacred thing. The Ojibwa tribe originally meant for the dream catcher to teach natural wisdom to others. When making the dream catchers the Ojibwa tribe would use red willow that had been dried in the shape of a hoop for the outside, thread from the stalk of a stinning nettle for the webbing and a precious gemstone. They would use only one gemstone per dream cathcer to represent the one god that unites us all.

How I got into making Dream Catchers

      When I was camping I had a kit to make a dream catcher. At first it was dificult but after awhile it became easier the more I made and the more I practiced. I have always been interested in native American artifacts and I thought that making dream catchers would be fun and the I made the more fun they were. With each one I make I get better and I find better ways of making them and new fresh ideas.


If you would like to know how to make a dream catcher yourself visit the following sites.
Regular DreamCatcher.

Childs dream catcher.


       If you have any questions, sugestions, or ideas for future dream catchers that i could make please feel free to contact me and send me your ideas or questions.